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In SOTELE BY CLARA Our people teach us to have strength every day. They are warriors, brave fighters, dedicated and responsible, who face situations of great adversity. But above all with a giant heart, which gives love to everything they do. That's why human quality is the quality of our products. Our company maintains a policy that favors women head of household. They are given the opportunity to generate income for their family, which helps them face their own challenges.

Sotele By Clara is committed to innovation and social transformation, women are part of its strategic axioms, with the concept of women as a fundamental axis in the construction of social changes; source of life and as a mother is constituted in the first space of formation of human beings, synonymous with development, struggle and entrepreneurship ". We are a company that is committed to women's empowerment, which believes in women and the opportunities that can be generated from various activities that are part of the production chain. "